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Luxury LifeStyle - ChampagneThe best Champagne that's offered to the world comes from the region of Champagne, France which generates gold that's elegantly enjoyed in sparkling crystal Champagne glass. It entices you to drink because the champagne bubbles kiss your nose whenever press your lips on the glass and then take that heavenly sip. No wines are permitted To be called Champagne anymore. The only way to do is if they've Was produced in Champagne, France that is how they originally got their names. Champagne has increasingly been viewed as an attractive investment options, the indices for top Champagnes have experienced price rises of over as opposed to as a choice for celebrations.
Indeed, over the past couple of years, the indices for top Champagnes have experienced price rises of over 30 percent. The appeal of luxury Champagne is a source of enjoyment and as a status symbol costs significant. We've listed some of the very Expensive champagne bottles below.

Dom Perignon Rosé, - There can't be many people who have not at least heard about Dom Perignon, probably the region's most famous brand and poster kid for the luxury picture of Champagne.

GThe World Of Luxury - Champagneout de Diamants: a very expensive bottle of Champagne, or even wine from the world. An unashamed expression Gout Diamants, of rarified opulence It's the creation of Shammi Shinh, owner of a luxury retail outlet in London, Prodiguer Brands. The wine - that ironically is the least important facet and famous interested was the Swarovski crystal blossoms in Ogre,  the Swarovski crystal at the middle of a diamond shaped pewter designed bottle, the label made out of pure white gold plate. All this luxury comes at over one million each bottle